The Plug in the news

Recently some contradicting stories appeared in various media about the aed-plug malfunctioning. Here we will try and shed light on each individual case.

BBC News, 29 March 2020

On 29 March, BBC News ran a story about Mr. White, apparently his Plug has failed to activate. Mr. White’s family had raised concerns about the ongoing suffering of their beloved father. Mr. White had discussed extensively his decision to have The Plug installed with his family. He had been so relieved with the prospect of avoiding suffering from dementia, as he had witnessed in his own father. However, according to his family, Mr. White is now displaying many of the symptoms he had wished to avoid by having The Plug implant.

We have looked into this case extensively, and have concluded that the way Mr. White has set his “death parameters” is such that the parameters have not yet been fulfilled. Any Plug user must carefully set, with the help of our advisors, the conditions for death to occur. Some conditions can be set as a cumulative condition; if x and y and z happen, then I wish to die. Other conditions can function as the sole trigger; if “R” happens, then I wish to die, regardless of the other conditions. In order for The Plug to activate either a full string of conditions must have happened, or a single event – these specifications are made by the implant user.

At The Plug we keep (classified) records of the conditions of each user. Our specialists have consulted these records and can confirm that 98% of Mr. White’s settings have occurred, but not the full 100%, so The Plug can not be activated.

We understand that it must be very hard for the family to witness Mr. White’s suffering, however these are Mr. White’s conditions that we must respect. We wish the family much strength during this process.

If you have further queries on this case please contact us.


The Sun, 22 May 2020

This bizarre story appeared in The Sun recently; Implant killed mother – euthanasia plug kills too soon. This article is actually telling us that The Plug works perfectly. The lady in question, Mrs. Crawley, had set quite clear and stringent parameters for when she would like The Plug to activate. This means that her death was likely to come early in the progression of her dementia. Mrs. Crawley also made a conscious decision to not inform her over-protective daughter of these conditions, in order to prevent panic and worry. Mrs. Crawley’s daughter did eventually accept her mother’s decision to have The Plug implanted, but clearly found some elements of a planned death problematic. Here, at The Plug, we feel confident that we adhered to Mrs. Crawley’s wishes and she died the way she had intended.

If you have further queries on this case please contact us.