Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my mind?

You can change your mind up to a certain level. The idea with The Plug is in principle that you can’t change your mind, because your mind changes. You can change your mind, when your cognitive functioning is still intact. Our team will perform a Mini Mental State Examination to assess your cognitive functioning. If you score higher then 24, you can change your mind and we disable The Plug. At this stage you can also still change the conditions of operation. If you score lower then 24, then the dementia is too severe and we must rely on your rational self who made the decision when cognitively sound, and we can no longer change the parameters or remove the implant. If you decide to have The Plug, we will have extensive meetings with you to discuss the implications of your decision.


Will there be pain?

The Plug is an intelligent system. When all the specific conditions you have set have been fulfilled, The Plug will be activated. The Plug will know when you are asleep by using the built-in heart rate monitor and accelerometers. Once you are in your deep sleep, The Plug activates. There will be no pain. For your loved-ones this is one of the most acceptable ways to find you. You will have passed away peacefully, in your sleep.


What if it doesn’t work?

The Plug has been tested throughly in our labs. the Plug is 100% fail-safe. However, you must consider carefully the conditions you specify. The Plug will only act in the circumstances of your choosing. It can happen, as described in the BBC news story on 20 March 2020 that other circumstances come to pass that will seem unacceptable. The Plug will not work on command of anyone other then yourself.